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The Tiffany Collection
Design Inspiration

The Tiffany Collection

Tim McDonough
Tim McDonough

Lighting Specialist

Tiffany style lamps and fixtures are a good way to add color to any room. As pendants over a kitchen island, an accent lamp in a family room or a dining room chandelier, a tiffany style lamp is a beautiful addition to any home. Each piece is hand crafted using high quality art glass. Inspiration for the designs come from nature, with flowers, birds and leaves being popular designs.

Down Mini Pendants in this Vignette

Down Pendants in this Vignette

Down Chandeliers in this Vignette

Bowl Flush Mounts in this Vignette

Other Semi-Flush Mts. in this Vignette

Wall Sconces in this Vignette

Wall Lanterns in this Vignette

Floor Lamps in this Vignette